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[Insert Scathingly Brilliant Title Here]
I fail spectacularly at journal titles...
17th-Jan-2017 11:08 am
Monkey kisses
With all the crafting, some of it is bound to turn out kind of...not how I'd want it to.

I did a Frida Kahlo and it turned out like this:
Now, part of the issue is that there's a shadow under her brow from the way it's lit.
But...there's something not right about it. And it's in the face. I think the jaw is too rounded, maybe, too.

I'm disappointed in it. It's especially disappointing because the flower embroidery took for-ev-er. It sucks to work a long time on something and have it not turn out as you'd hoped.

(It's based on this picture.)
18th-Jan-2017 06:23 pm (UTC)
Interesting. And quite lovely. But I understand being disappointed in your own work very much. Keep making these! Send me this one since you dislike it!
19th-Jan-2017 03:00 am (UTC)
Well a picture of ME crafting that would have involved at least three broken windows with the raw materials thrown through one, a large piece of furniture through the second and myself through the third. So there's that.
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