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There are few sweeping generalizations that I feel comfortable making about myself. That being said, let's make some sweeping generalizations!

--I'm fairly reserved with strangers, though I've been told that it's Scandinavians who don't like talking to anyone anyway. I'm not standoffish, I'm just really shy sometimes.
--I'm fairly liberal. Actually, the more I move about in the world, the more I think I'm really super-liberal...with the exception of panhandlers. I had a bad experience once.
--I'm pro-dowhatyouwant for the most part, as long as it does not infringe upon the rights and liberties of others.
--I'm married to one man called "D" and/or Derrick. He's not really responsible for what I say. I have two cats. I'm trying my darndest to uphold the image of the Responsible Adult. Trying does not always equate with success. I do write about those things from time to time.

In the "real world" I get paid to write though I make no claims on the quality of said content and I always have difficulty explaining (succinctly) what I do. I guess that technically makes me a word-whore.

At any rate if I've added you, you may be a friend of a friend (of a friend, of a friend...and so on), a community member, someone I've never met, etc. But you are someone that I find interesting (in a good way), that I respect, and that I enjoy hearing about.