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[Insert Scathingly Brilliant Title Here]
I fail spectacularly at journal titles...
4th-Jan-2017 01:25 pm
Monkey kisses
I get consumed by things.

I get ideas and I actually do them and then I REALLY do them. It doesn't matter if they're insignificant or big or somewhere in between. Scanning pictures, making things, cleaning...re-organizing...whatever. I generally follow through.

So I started an Etsy Shop with the patterns for some of the felt crafts I've been making. And I've added to it.

I've designed more patterns--stuff that I want to see or think is cool.

Then I started a blog to detail some of the patterns/techniques/etc.

Because I have SO MUCH TIME, right? (I do not. I don't know where I'm getting the time save for never sleeping. When I get on a tear about something...I really just want to do it. Sleep is for those without projects, and I love having a project.)

And even though it's all very slapped together and quick and dirty...I did a thing. Boy-howdy. It's a good thing I never got into drugs, man. When I do a thing, I DO it.

I might be insane.

Oh, and I have two big shows this month.

Definitely insane.
6th-Jan-2017 04:51 pm (UTC)

Hey,  good for you! This plan is much better than always wanting to do a thong and dreaming of it and talking about it and never actually doing it.

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